Graduate Social Statistics I 
Topics: Descriptive statistics, probability distributions, statistical inference, group comparisons, correlation, linear regression, and analysis of variance. 
2012-2014     Mississippi State University, Sociology 8274. 

Graduate Social Statistics II 
Topics: Linear and Non-linear multivariate regression, model selection and diagnostics. 2012-2013     Mississippi State University, Sociology 8284. 

Sociological Research Practicum, Co-instructor 
Topics: Formulating research questions, designing methodological strategies, collecting and analyzing data. Related to research and writing of Master’s thesis. 
2006             Indiana University, Bloomington, S566. 


Numbering Race 
Topics: Quantitative measurement, calculation and interpretation of descriptive statistics and bivariate statistical relationships, critical quantitative methods. Meets State of Texas core Mathematics requirement; Satisfies Quantitative Reasoning flag.
2015-2017     The University of Texas at Austin, AFR 302M.  

Community Research and Analysis/ Analytical Problem Solving 
Topics: Survey research design, quantitative measurement, analysis of descriptive statistics and bivariate statistical relationships, interpretation and presentation of quantitative results. Experiential service learning course; Satisfies Quantitative Reasoning, Cultural Diversity, and Independent Inquiry flags.
2015-2017     The University of Texas at Austin, MAS 374.  
2008-2010     Indiana University, Bloomington L316. 

Senior Seminar in Black Studies: Race and Racism in Social and Scientific Thought Topics: Early science of race, theories regarding the nature and persistence of race and racial categories as meaningful social groupings in society, the social significance of racial group identities. Satisfies Writing flag.
2016             The University of Texas at Austin, AFR 376.  

Sociology of Education 
Topics: Relationship between education and society, roles of schools and schooling, link between schooling structures, practices, and outcomes, schools and social stratification, and sociological perspectives on contemporary educational inequality and reform. 
2014-2015     The University of Texas at Austin, AFR 321L. 
2011              Mississippi State University, SO 4273. 

Introduction to Social Research/ Research Methods in Sociology 
Topics: Developing a research proposal, research ethics and IRB, concepts and measurement, sampling, research design, survey of qualitative and quantitative social science methods. 
2012-2014     Mississippi State University, SO 3213. 
2008-2009     Indiana University, Bloomington S370. 

Introduction to Sociology 
Topics: Nature of human societies, social processes, social interaction, the sociological approach. 
2011             Mississippi State University, SO 1003. 
2005             Indiana University, Bloomington, S100. 

Charts, Graphs, and Tables 
Topics: Application of sociological perspective to social problems, critical examination of social statistics, development of quantitative literacy, and presentation and interpretation of social statistics. Meets General Education requirement for Natural and Mathematical Sciences.
 2006-2008     Indiana University, Bloomington, S110.