Forthcoming & In Progress

Perry, Ravi K. and Yasmiyn Irizarry. Forthcoming. 
Challenging the Black Church Narrative: Race, Class, and Homosexual Attitudes. Journal of Homosexuality, Special Issue: To Be Black, Queer, and Christian: Critical Essays on the Black Church and Sexuality.

Irizarry, Yasmiyn and Matthew O. Hunt. Forthcoming. 
The Dynamics of Ethnic Identity and Personal Well-Being: A Multi-Group Comparison. In New Directions in Identity Theory and Research, J. E. Stets and R. T. Serpe, eds., New York: Oxford University Press.

Irizarry, Yasmiyn. Of Promise and Penalties: Race and Teacher Perceptions of Academic Ability. 

Irizarry, Yasmiyn. “On Track or Derailed? Advanced Math Course Taking and the Transition to High School. 

Irizarry, Yasmiyn. “Algebra I, Take Two! Racial/Ethnic Differences in Advanced Math Course Taking at the Start of High School."

Hughey, Matthew W., and Yasmiyn Irizarry. “Linking White Identity and Racial Attitudes.  [Equal Authorship]

Sewell, Abigail A., and Yasmiyn Irizarry. “Rights, Right, and Race: Changing Attitudes towards Homosexuality, 1973 to 2008.”